About AOC

The Art of Collaboration gives elementary and middle school teachers the opportunity to…

  • Communicate across disciplines
  • Collaborate as peers
  • Integrate the visual arts
  • Motivate students to learn and demonstrate achievement in new and creative ways.

With help from the North Carolina Museum of Art, teachers in counties across North Carolina are using the visual arts to engage their students in learning about math, science, social studies, and language arts. This blog is a support resource for teachers actively participating in the project. Browse the blog to see what happens when art is placed at the core of learning.

The Art of Collaboration is made possible by the support of the Wells Fargo Foundation, The William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust, and The Simple Gifts Fund.

For more information about the project, call Jill Taylor at (919) 664-6748.

4 Responses to “About AOC”

  1. joancertamoore Says:

    Using visual art to engage learners is a best practice given the fact that students are so accustomed to visual stimulation. Students live in a world of quickly changing images through technology and for that matter are very comfortable changing images very quickly. The challenage to us as teachers is to provide the tools to our students which would engage and enable them to pay close attention to images and to ask questions about images instead of allowing them to fly by.

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  3. Jennifer Sullivan (written by Zach Costas on behalf of NBMS AOC Team) Says:

    New Bridge Middle school’s AOC group is currently working on several projects. For example, as a part of our unit on conflict the language arts teachers have been working with 6 encore plays in collaboration with teachers from our other subjects. In reading and studying these plays, one major focus is on Edgar Allen Poe. Students were shown a picture of Edgar Allen Poe, and they analyzed his expression in order to draw conclusions about his state of mind. In their reflection students were asked the following questions: What is Edgar Allen Poe thinking? What is his mood? When looking at this picture, list the things that you wonder about Poe’s life. After the reflection was written students watched a video on Poe, and discovered if the answers to their questions closely resembled Poe’s real thoughts and feelings.
    Ms. Mayfield, one of our language arts teachers, is currently collaborating and developing a project with Ms. Nickle, our art teacher. They are creating a “secret room” book with students, with each room leading to different aspects of our encore plays.
    Students are also working with a mosaic project in math, and are working on Native American studies with science and social studies. They will also be writing a persuasive essay as they reflect on a painting by Jeane-Baptiste Oudry of a conflict between dog and swan. Based from the painting they will write about their feelings of whether dogs or certain breeds are born vicious, or if a dog’s temperament is a reflection of how their care takers treat them.
    We’re excited to see our students’ creativity in action as we continue to develop these projects.

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    […] Art of Collaboration project offers one model for collaborative team planning. In AOC we work with teams of middle school […]

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